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AI Financial Services are the Woodhill financial advisor, mortgage expert and mortgage advisor with a difference. Based out of Brown’s Bay (North Shore, Auckland), Richard Piechazek and the team at AI Financial Services has been providing mortgage and insurance advisor services for more than a decade. 

These mortgage expert and insurance services include:

Total Permanent Disablement Insurance (TPD)

Family Protection Insurance

Income Protection Insurance

Home and Contents Insurance

Kiwi Saver

Trauma Insurance

Life Cover Insurance

Disability Insurance

Business Insurance

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Providing mortgage expert services in Woodhill and the greater Auckland region

As we are an independent financial advisor, mortgage expert, and mortgage advisor, we act, advise and advocate in your best interests – not banks, lenders or insurance companies.


Our Rodney mortgage expert will meet at a time and place that suits you best. Because of our long history providing Woodhill mortgage and insurance advisor services to many satisfied clients, we have plenty of experience to draw on to achieve the best results for you.


Our mortgage specialist and mortgage specialist support you as an independent mortgage loan advisor

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Every day you face a wide range of risks to your personal wellbeing and lifestyle.

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What to expect from your Woodhill mortgage and insurance advisor?

Working with an experienced Woodhill financial advisor and mortgage expert and mortgage advisor will leave you able to make a fully informed decision concerning your mortgage, business and personal risk insurance with your unique circumstances, goals and needs as a priority.


AI Financial Services are your local Woodhill mortgage and insurance advisor service provider. Our deep understanding of lending institutions and insurers can offer will be of great advantage to you.


Our mortgage and insurance advisor experts will advise you on the availability, costs, terms and conditions offered by Rodney lenders and Woodhill insurers in a New Zealand market full of hidden opportunity.


The end result is that your Woodhill mortgage interest rates and repayments are kept as low as possible.


Over the past 10 years, our Woodhill mortgage and insurance advisor specialists have built up long-term relationships with the major lenders that enable us to provide innovative mortgage and risk insurance products in the following markets:

The best Woodhill financial advisor will discuss your finance needs, give straightforward advice, compare home loan and lender options and deal with all the running around and paperwork.


AI Financial Services are the financial advisor, mortgage expert and mortgage advisor that goes above and beyond – leveraging both connections with major and innovative lenders, and more than a decade of experience to leave you with a highly satisfying result.


Looking for an expert mortgage and insurance advisor near me? Our Rodney – Woodhill financial advisor is a phone call away.