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At AI Financial Services, our specialist mortgage advisors regularly help first home buyers navigate the complex nature of home loans, provide impartial advice when looking to purchase an investment property, scale the property ladder, or refinance your loan.

Our mortgage loan advisor is trusted, reliable, and utilises more than a decade of experience. We help New Zealanders at all stages of life to secure the most advantageous mortgage for their individual circumstances and plans for the future.
Using a mortgage specialist makes the entire process easy. Not only do you get the best loan in terms of rates and structure, but a mortgage expert will manage the process so you don’t have to. You will quite literally save time and money!

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Using our mortgage specialist makes the entire process easy. Not only do you get the best loan

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The benefits of using mortgage advisors?

Our mortgage advisors make contact find out about the type of loan you want and your personal circumstances. Once we understand your needs, we can match you with the best available mortgage deals.


This ensures you receive the best mortgage advice, from a critical, experienced, and impartial source of information. The end result is that your mortgage interest rates and repayments are kept as low as possible.

How much should a mortgage expert cost?

With a lot of policy research, communication with lenders and repayment options to evaluate, one would think that mortgage specialist services come with a price tag attached. The truth is, using AI Financial services’ dedicated mortgage loan advisors will cost you absolutely nothing! Whilst the exact benefit is going to differ from client to client, you’ll almost certainly save money having our experienced mortgage advisors compare and negotiate favourable rates and repayment schedules.

A mortgage loan advisor from AI Financial Services takes the personal approach. Our services include:

For insurance and mortgage advice choose AI Financial Services. Our mortgage and insurance advisors take the personal approach and our financial services include: