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Health Insurance

Health Insurance is designed for those who suffer from long-term illnesses, such as cancer.


The New Zealand public health system and ACC provides quality emergency care and treatment for serious medical conditions and helps support people who need urgent medical attention. However, many people choose to have a Medical Insurance because they are facing a long term and not-accidental health issue and want to have a quiet recovery.


Private Health Cover enables you to take control of your health so that medical conditions can be treated promptly at a convenient time and location, and with your choice of medical provider.


Rising health care costs continue to put pressure on the public system’s ability to both diagnose and treat non-urgent medical conditions, including those with a significant impact on lifestyle.

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What Are Health Care Plans For?

Health Cover has been designed to take care of the significant costs of hospitalisation and surgery that many New Zealanders face during their lives. It can also offer additional access to specialist consultations and cover for diagnostic imaging and testing, as well as loyalty benefits designed to support your access to routine screening to keep you healthy.


Some of the benefits of having a Health Insurance Coverage might be:

Access to private medical care (Doctor visits and medical appointments)

Surgeries and medical procedures included

Treatments and therapies

No limit claiming amount per year

Diagnosis imaging and testing coverage

Medical Coverage for Kids

Its Better To Have A Health Insurance!

One of the things we always forget is to take care of our health, we usually take it for granted and rather focus on things we believe are most important. Consider a private medical cover as part of your lifestyle.


If you don’t know how to start, our advisors can make sure you choose a Medical Coverage Policy that works for you. Contact us for an appointment and further details.