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Unsure about “mortgage refi-“ terms?

Why refix your home loan?

It’s always worth comparing your loans regularly – it’s a good idea to have a regular mortgage review, making sure you have the right option to suit your needs and that you are not paying more than you need to.


As your circumstances change, it’s easy to make adjustments to your Home Loan. You can fix some of your loan, pay it back faster, redraw up to the current limit, or adjust your repayment dates. It’s even possible to take a break from repayments for a short time. This is particularly important for fixed-rate home loans as banks will attempt to determine your new rate for the period, or switch you to a floating rate loan – which could cost you more in the long run.

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Refixing and refinancing your home loan saves you money

I can show you how to save significant interest and pay off your mortgage earlier by challenging lender rates and taking advantage of market movements.

Using AI Financial Services, our deep understanding of the market means you get the best mortgage deal from the very beginning. At no cost to you, the best remortgage advisors ensure that the structure of your loan will be right for your unique situation. For current lenders, using a refinance advisor to carry out a mortgage review can be useful in order to establish if your current lender is the best option.

Leveraging Refinance home loan procedures for great benefit

Everyone has their own reason for switching lender choosing a new refinance loan structure.

Whether you’re…

Looking for a better deal…

Adapting to a changing lifestyle…

Wanting to pay off the loan as fast as possible…

Making the next big step - such as purchasing your next home, building or renovating or buying investment property…

…you can start by talking to me, a registered financial advisor with a speciality as a refix and refinance advisor.

Refinancing a home doesn’t have to be difficult

Talking through your home loan options with me is easy. I can come to you – at work or at home – and that includes evenings and weekends. We’ll work together transparently, so you can choose the right home loan structure; so that refinancing your mortgage helps you achieve your financial goals.

The truth is that the lowest rate isn’t always indicative of suitability. Together, we can properly account for your financial plans and look toward the future.

How to evaluate refinance mortgage loan terms

There are more benefits than costing zero for borrowers! Our positioning of a advisor is that of your advocate – not for the lender. Given more than a decade of experience in the field, we have experience negotiating concessions and changes that you might not be able to swing yourself.


Furthermore, we have relationships outside of major lenders, consulting with innovative second-tier financiers. It could be that these lenders can offer you a superior refinance option.


I will negotiate competitive interest rates and contributions on your behalf to help you cover your legal costs.’


Contact AI Financial Services today and discuss if re-fixing or refinancing your mortgage is the right option for you.

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