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A.I. Financial Services (Ltd) is an independent financial advisor and mortgage broking company based on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand. Over the past 10 years we have built up long-term relationships with the major lenders that enable us to provide innovative mortgage and Risk Insurance products in the following markets:

New mortgages at competitive rates

Re-finance existing mortgages

Bridging finance options

Construction Loans

Personal, Business and Comprehensive Insurance

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It can be time-consuming for you to research the best financial and risk options, but as one of Auckland’s top financial advisors, we can make that task a lot easier. We understand the products out in the market, and we have an intimate knowledge and overview of what various mortgage-lending and Risk insurance institutions can offer. We will advise you on the availability, cost, terms and conditions offered by the lender and assist you to make a fully informed decision concerning your mortgage, investment property and insurance needs. We will meet you at a time and place which suits you best. This can save you time in finding the lender who can provide a home loan to meet your needs.
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Every day you face a wide range of risks to your personal wellbeing and lifestyle.

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Unsure of the differences when choosing a financial planning advisor?

The dedicated financial advisors will discuss your finance needs, give straightforward advice, compare home loan and lender options and deal with all the running around and paperwork. AI Financial does this and more – leveraging our connections with major and innovative lenders and more than a decade of experience to leave you with a highly satisfying result.

It’s a win-win for you as there is no cost to you as financial advisors are paid by the lender or insurance company in the form of commissions.

What sort of financial advisor am I?

I, Richard Piechazek, am a registered financial advisor. I am a practising New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Association (NZMBA) specialist mortgage advisor, whose core day to day business activity is the arranging of home loan facilities for clients. Further, I establish your risk portfolio and provide you with risk advice according to your risk profile of the current debt (liabilities) towards asset protection.

I deal with almost all of the major lenders as well as a number of innovative second-tier lenders. These lenders include ASB, Westpac, ANZ, Sovereign, Resimac, Wroxton Finance… and more.

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