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About Family Protection Insurance:

Family protection insurance is a type of insurance designed to support your family’s future in the event of your passing. This family protection plan insurance cover is designed to pay a monthly amount to your family after your death for a selected period of time.

The Difference Between A Family Protecion Plan And Life Insurance Family Protecion:

Life Insurance provides a lump sum cover for those with family or dependants and financial commitments that could be put at risk in the event of their death or terminal illness, while in a Family Protection policy, your dependants will receive periodic payments within a fixed term.


A large lump sum is daunting for some people so, instead, your family can receive a monthly income source, providing them with security, peace of mind and, best of all, a future

family protection insurance
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Why Choosing A Family Protection Policy?

We know your family is the most important for you, and death can represent a great change in the lives of your relatives. A regular payment can assist with monthly expenses such as mortgage repayments, electricity, food, clothing and schooling. This can help them maintain their usual lifestyle.


You can choose the length of time over which you wish the monthly payment to be made, customising your cover to suit your family situation and the ages of your children.


Consider a Family Protection Plan if you:

Have dependants relying financially on you

Want to secure your family’s lifestyle in case of passing

If you have financial responsibilities you don’t want your family to worry about in their future or you are the main financial provider of your family

Make sure you choose the life or family protection plan that bests suits you. To find our more about our different insurance options or services, fill in the form to contact us.