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Why use AI Financial Services as your mortgage advisors, financial advisor, or insurance advisors?

Because we can assist you to make a fully informed decision concerning your mortgage, business and personal risk insurance with your particular needs and circumstances in mind. 

We have an intimate knowledge and overview of what various lending institutions can offer you. I will advise you on the availability, costs, terms and conditions offered by them in this competitive market. 

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Mortgage Services

Using our mortgage specialist makes the entire process easy. Not only do you get the best loan

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Every day you face a wide range of risks to your personal wellbeing and lifestyle.

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Choosing To Use A Mortgage Advisor – Mortgages Made Easy (we used to be called Mortgage Brokers)

Pushing past the paperwork and getting a complete understanding of lenders and loan options can be a mission for your first or your fifth mortgage. 

Whether it’s your first home loan, refinancing or refixing your mortgage or delving into the world of property investment – a mortgage advisor can save you significant amounts of time and money.

As your independent, private mortgage advisor, AI Financial Services for you, not the banks. Because being a mortgage advisor is our profession, we’re involved day-in, day-out. At no cost to you, you’re able to draw on our wealth of experience and make the best decision to suit your financial plans.

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Why use an insurance Advisor?

With a wide-reaching portfolio of lending and insurance offers, the insurance advisor at AI Financial Services is able to evaluate numerous providers, your individual requirements and current risk mitigation strategy.

Ultimately, there are so many different factors that need consideration – having someone to advocate for you, guide you through the whole process and convey information in an easy to understand fashion can be invaluable.

Cover yourself from unforeseen emergencies.

Make an informed decision. For peace of mind, use the insurance advisor with your best interest as the prerogative. Use AI Financial Services!

The Best Mortgage Advisor Will Save You Money

AI Financial Services’ mortgage advisors have excellent relationships with both major and innovative, second tier lenders, so that there is always a satisfactory outcome awaiting prospective and current property owners. Competitive and varied offerings mean there’s definitely something for you. 

Furthermore, we also have access to multiple insurance providers, covering personal risk insurance, such as life cover, mortgage protection, house and contents, and even go further with more commercially-focused policies.

Using a mortgage and insurance advisor goes further than just establishment – if you want a better deal than what you’ve currently got, our team are more than able to assist.

Buying property is a stressful endeavour without a professional mortgage advisor to guide you through the process. Having a mortgage advisor on your side, helping you navigate through the lengthy process, seeing your mortgage through to completion, and evaluating and presenting many choices along the way is of an incredible advantage to you.

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