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About Death Insurance Policy

An accidental death and dismemberment policy is not full life insurance. It pays out a lump sum if you die as a result of an accident. It doesn’t cover you for death by natural causes and that’s why the premiums are low. Accidental death is a limited life insurance policy, designed to cover the insured in the event of death due to an accident.


A death insurance policy has certain stipulations, and does not typically cover death resulting from health problems, such as serious illnesses or suicide. The specific aspects and details of what may or may not be covered by AD&D policy will be detailed with each provider. Death must be sudden, involuntary and unexpected where a disease should not be involved.

accidental death
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Accidental Death Policy Coverage:

When it comes to coverage, a typical accidental death and dismemberment policy covers death cases as a result of diseases and natural causes. In contrast, accidental death insurance can only cover accidents such as:


Motor vehicle accidents

Air and rail accidents




*Some companies may cover the disappearance of the insurance holder as part of the policy.

Dismemberment Policy Coverage:

Within the death policies, there is a dismemberment policy option. Dismemberment refers to the loss of one or more limbs of the human body due to an accident, sudden and involuntary. Coverages may vary depending on the company and the number of affected limbs, among other details.

Who Benefits From An Accidental Death And Dismemberment Policy?

The beneficiary is the person who receives the lump sum of any AD&D life insurance policy. The amount payed is designated by each insurance company and the beneficiaries are assigned by the death insurance policy holders.


Be confident on asking us any enquire you may have. In case you are considering an accidental death and dismemberment policy, let our experts can determine which is the best option for you.